DIY Traveler's Notebook Album

I've been working on a new mini-album and wanted to share the very economic album I'm using. I cut down a 6" x 8" chipboard binder to fit traveler's notebook-sized pages! I originally got the idea from Jessica Rubio, who cut down the same binder to 3" x 8" for her trip to Mexico. I wanted to do the same thing, but slightly wider, to accommodate TN pages.

While I love working in the traveler's notebook format, I don't love the limitation on bulky items and odd-sized pages. I also don't always scrapbook chronologically which means using a traditional notebook can sometimes be a challenge when my mini-album is ordered chronologically. I like being able to jump around and move things if I need to.

June Projects with Kelly Purkey Shop

There's a new release at Kelly Purkey Shop today and I wanted to share the two projects I made with this month's release. The stamps and kits are all about summer fun and I was happy to work with them since we've been experiencing "June Gloom" here in southern California.

Off We Go Layout with Everyday Explorers

Everyday Explorers Co. just released some new stamps last week and I thought I'd share a look at one of the layouts I did using the Off We Go stamp set.

This buildable 6" x 8" stamp set contains so many possibilities that it was fun to try to combine a few of them into one layout.

Banff Mini Album | Part 1

I recently visited Banff and instead of waiting the usual months (or years!), I thought I'd try to tackle this mini-album right away while the memories are still fresh.

I wanted to use a TN size for this album but also didn't want the restriction of bulk and wanted to be able to add different sized pages so I decided to use this Life Crafted album from Citrus Twist Kits. Now I shouldn't have to worry about bulk and can use some pockets too!

May Projects with Kelly Purkey Shop

It's the 28th of the month which means there are new kits and products available at Kelly Purkey Shop! This month's release is TRAVEL-themed, which is heaven for me because (1) I have a serious case of wanderlust and (2) I have piles of photos from trips just waiting to be added to mini-albums!! If you haven't seen the full release yet, you can check out all the new products here.

Several of the stamps are city-specific and the I Heart NY stamp inspired me to work on an unfinished album from a trip to NYC back in 2014. I chose to document a walk to Brooklyn and printed a few photos from that afternoon.

April Projects with Kelly Purkey Shop


This month's Kelly Purkey Shop release just went live which means I have a couple of new projects to share with you! This month's release included the Hometown Love main kit and the Grow TN kit, as well as some fun additional stamps. You can view the entire release here.

I filled out a couple of gaps in my 2017 Project Life album making two pocket page spreads with the kits and stamps from this month.

March Projects with Kelly Purkey Shop

This month's kits and stamps have just been released at Kelly Purkey Shop and this release is all about FOOD - definitely one of my favorite things to document! You can view all of the new release products here.

There were so many fun stamps this month and I used a bunch of them in this pocket page spread for Week 11. I pulled most of the food photos I took for the week and printed them out as a basis for the spread. As you can see, I take a lot of photos of food. :)