Banff Mini Album | Part 1

Banff Mini Album | Part 1

I recently visited Banff and instead of waiting the usual months (or years!), I thought I’d try to tackle this mini-album right away while the memories are still fresh.

I wanted to use a TN size for this album but also didn’t want the restriction of bulk and wanted to be able to add different sized pages so I decided to use this Life Crafted album from Citrus Twist Kits. Now I shouldn’t have to worry about bulk and can use some pockets too!

I love see-through elements and created an overlay for the opening page. I used the digital versions of the Wander More stamps (the alphabet is the Alberta stamp) to lay out the elements on the page. I printed the page out on a transparency using a laser printer and then ran the page through my Minc machine with white foil. The white foil doesn’t seem to work as well as the gold foil for some reason (maybe it’s made differently?) and although the result isn’t perfect, I love it anyway.

Behind the overlay is a full page photo taken from the town of Banff, right before we were going to start one of our first hikes.

For the second page in the album, I thought it would be fun to make an infographic with statistics from the trip. The Travel Numbers TN kit was perfect for this. One of the most noteworthy statistics during our trip was the amount of wildlife we saw. Within the first 24 hours of our arrival we had seen 1 cougar, 2 bears, and lots of deer already! In Photoshop, I created the pie chart and the bar chart for the weather readings. I used the TN stamp to add in the other statistics. “Animals” is stamped using the Alberta alphabet stamp.

Since the right side is so busy with text, I kept the left side relatively simple with just a black and white photo of the town of Banff, a title using the digital versions of the Travel Numbers stamps, and some stickers from the Travelogue kit.

I like different page sizes in my mini-albums so for the next spread, I mixed it up by using a page protector with divided 3″x 4″ pockets with another full page. I added in a 3″x 4″ card in between to hold my journaling. It documents our departure and flight to Canada.

The cards and stamps are all from the Departure main kit. Here are a couple of close ups:

It’s just a start to the album but I’m hoping to tackle more pages in the next few weeks!

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