November Project Life With Paper Person

Everyone seems to be working on their December Daily albums (and I so desperately want to join them!) but I’m trying to finish up documenting November before I start. Here are a couple of pocket pages I made using the recent November release at Paper Person shop to document the first half of November.

I mostly used this month’s monthly kit, XL Day By Day. I love the XL days of the week stamps, and used them across the pages to document what day and time of day it was. We are staying at home, but enjoying the outdoors as much as we can, and these weeks included a lot of hikes outside walks.

The Southport XL Numbers pair so well with the large stamps that I used these to stamp an “11” for November for my date card. Love how these look with stamps over them.

I also used the Coziness stamp set and the stamp from the Gratitude mini kit, to stamp on the cards and photos. There are some great sentiments from both sets.

Nov 2020 PL

Lastly, I used some of the die cuts from the monthly kit and the letter stickers to add some additional simple embellishing.


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