Project Life 2017: Week 34

I’m playing catch-up with Project Life over here and have roughly 15 weeks left in 2017. I had started Weeks 34-38 back in November but for some reason never finished them. I took a few hours this past weekend to finish up a few of these and will be sharing them during the week.
As always, one of the quicker ways for me to finish the spread is to keep things fairly simple. Here’s a look at Week 34’s entire spread:
After all of my photos were printed, I added some handwritten journaling and stamps. Most of the cards and embellishments for this week were from an old Studio Calico kit I had and never used (Film Club). I loved the epoxy stickers included in this kit. I had a few sets of photos that went together (zoo photos, daycare photos), so I used photo templates from Paislee Press to make 4″x 6″ collages from them.

For the date card, I cut up a drawing of a rainbow my niece did while she was over at our house and stamped the dates on it. I love using pieces of ephemera that have meaning to me.
My daughter had just started talking in earnest and I wanted to document some of the funny phrases she was saying. I dedicated one 3 x 4″ journal card to listing some of her funnier phrases, and also added a couple more phrases to labels which I attached to the corresponding photos (the photo with a skirt her grandmother made, the photo with the green clock).
I used some stamps from the Ali Edwards story stamps (Details and Fun), which I punched circles from and added them to a couple of the cards. Those stamps were also used in a few of the other journal cards as well.
Supplies used:
4×6 Photo Templates Vol. 1 (PP)
Details Story Stamp (AE)
Fun Story Stamp (AE)
Film Club documenter kit (SC)

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2 responses to “Project Life 2017: Week 34”

  1. I rarely use full kits on spreads! It takes so much longer to coordinate everything, but don't you feel super accomplished when you put together random stuff and it looks cohesive?
    Also – I know I'm late, but I'm so glad to see you blogging! I keep trying to blog about pages, but I get so caught up and end up only being able to write about really general stuff. I love reading about people's process. I'm subscribed with Feedly now, so I'm excited to see more from you 🙂

  2. Aw thanks for the excitement about the blog! I would blog more but like you, I just get distracted with other stuff!!

    Totally agree with you about pulling from different kits and feeling super awesome about it afterwards, haha.

    I didn't know you blogged but I'm going to head over and check yours out right now! 🙂

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