Category: mini-album

  • Banff Mini Album | Part 1

    I recently visited Banff and instead of waiting the usual months (or years!), I thought I’d try to tackle this mini-album right away while the memories are still fresh. I wanted to use a TN size for this album but also didn’t want the restriction of bulk and wanted to be able to add different […]

  • May Projects with Kelly Purkey Shop

    It’s the 28th of the month which means there are new kits and products available at Kelly Purkey Shop! This month’s release is TRAVEL-themed, which is heaven for me because (1) I have a serious case of wanderlust and (2) I have piles of photos from trips just waiting to be added to mini-albums!! If […]

  • Day In The Life: June 20, 2017

    I’ve followed along during Day In The Life and Week In The Life previously, but have never done either project. It always looked fun but I’m usually already stretching myself thin across several projects. But when I thought about it this year, I kind of wished I had captured a typical day last year because I know life […]

  • 2016 Summer Holidays in France Traveler’s Notebook (Part 1)

    I finally jumped on the Traveler’s Notebook bandwagon and have started a mini-album to document a trip we took to France last summer. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since this trip happened and since we’re going again this summer, I’m really trying to finish this up before we leave! I’ve finished about […]