2016 Summer Holidays in France Traveler’s Notebook (Part 1)

I finally jumped on the Traveler’s Notebook bandwagon and have started a mini-album to document a trip we took to France last summer. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since this trip happened and since we’re going again this summer, I’m really trying to finish this up before we leave!

I’ve finished about half of the album and have been sharing some bits on Instagram but thought I’d do a more thorough post here.

It’s been interesting to work in a different size (my brain is so used to pocket pages!) and I’m having fun with it. I’m trying to keep the pages fairly clean and minimal — just photos, typed journaling, and simple, flat embellishments. Oh, and stamps! I’ve been going through my stamp stash finding sentiments and phrases. I’m also using different alpha sets and creating titles with these.

It feels good to be using what I have and getting good use out of all these sets.

For the journaling, I’ve decided not to use my handwriting and go strictly with typed/printed words. I like how clean this looks. I took apart my traveler’s notebook insert (just removed the staples) and am feeding the paper directly into my printer. This requires a bit of thinking (remembering which side to feed into the printer, making sure the page is set to the right orientation), and I’ve printed incorrectly on a couple of pages already. But this is easily fixed by reprinting the type on another paper and adhering it onto the page. 🙂

I am also using digital elements, which I either print with my journaling, like in this page:

Or print out on cardstock, cut out, and adhere on (like a die cut).

Even though I am using flat embellishments, I want a bit of dimension to these pages.

Here are a few more pages I’ve made so far.

I hope to share more when the album is complete.

What about you? What are your summer plans and will you be documenting them? I’d love to hear about them!

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6 responses to “2016 Summer Holidays in France Traveler’s Notebook (Part 1)”

  1. I love how clean your pages look! Printing on them is a great idea! I might test it out on a page and see how I like it. My pages are a mess, they are filled with run on sentences that sometimes don't end before the next thought starts. It's a mess. XD

  2. I so impressed that you can plan out where you want the journaling and print it out for the pages, before you add the pictures! You mention it's still a work in progress, so how are you dealing with the other "half" of the journal page (that will be toward the end of the book when reassembled)? Love your book so much. I'm working on a similar on from a trip to Paris last summer with my niece, who had just graduated from high school. The smaller format is fun, it I tend to want to add too much to the page (hard to only choose a few pictures). I'm really inspired by your minimal, clean style. And not adding much color makes it look so cohesive. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Danielle, thanks for your comments! How fun that you got to travel with your niece to Paris! To answer your questions – I did some pre-planning so I know what's going on each page in the album. The pages aren't completely planned out in detail, but for example, I know that page 2 will have a spread about our flight and the corresponding page (the other side), page 30 (guessing on the actual number) will be a page about our walk in Jardin du Luxembourg. I am not working on this book in any kind of order and am try to at least complete the printing for 1 page (both halves) so I won't have to worry about feeding it back into the printer again with photos attached. Also, I'm pretty flexible and if I end up changing my mind later, I know I can just print on regular paper and adhere it! Hopefully that made sense?

    I haven't been working on this album as much lately and now that I'm talking about it, I really want to finish it up! I'd love to see your book too if you're sharing it anywhere?

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