2018 Creative Goals

2017 was a great year for me creatively. I was invited to work on my first creative team (Paislee Press), I made way more projects than I ever have in one year, and I saw my style evolve and grow into something I finally liked.

I love the new year and goal-setting, and I’m excited to share some of my memory-keeping goals for 2018.

Project Life
I love this project so much. I love the combination of words and photos and playing with the pretty supplies. I’ve always done the 12×12 format and I really struggled with deciding whether I wanted to continue this format this year. On one hand, my daughter is still fairly young and we have a ton of photos/stories I keep wanting to share and remember. But on the other hand, I didn’t keep up (I still have 12+ weeks left to finish in 2017!) and doing something smaller might make me faster and free up time for other projects. Additionally, I still have gaps in 2015 and 2016 I’d like to tackle…

In the end I decided to stick with 12×12 since it’s “easy” for my brain to think about (I always use the same page protector design) and I have a ton of product I want to use (that’s a valid reason, right??).

Travel Albums / Mini-Albums
I have a couple of trips from 2017 that I’d like to get documented, and an album from 2014 that I’d reeeeally like to finish.

Last year I discovered Traveler’s Notebooks and had a lot of fun with them making a travel album from a 2016 summer trip to France. I will likely continue in this format to document the trip we took this past summer.

December Daily
If you’ve seen my instagram account, you might have noticed I’m still working on this! I plan to finish my 2017 album by the end of January. I will do another one this December (I love these finished albums!), but can’t promise I will be working on it daily or even during that month. Somehow December is always way too full of activities!

One Little Word
I’m going to try this project for the first time this year. I have chosen a word and will be sharing more about it later this week.

I just completed my title page for Project Life 2018.

I cut out the twenty eighteen word art from Paislee Press in white cardstock and adhered it to some cut gray 2018 numbers. I love transparent elements and so I adhered these to a piece of plastic and slipped it right into the pocket.

Originally I was trying to find three separate photos of each member of the family but I had a hard time finding three good photos that would work so in the end I just chose a couple of fun selfies that make me smile and a photo from Christmas.

Happy 2018 !!
What are your memory-keeping goals for 2018? Will you continue doing similar projects as 2017? Are you tackling something new? I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. I am still struggling to find my goals or my "memory keeping peace" for 2018. My indecision explains why I have yet to start anything… Pocket scrapbooking will probably win in the end and 6×12 will probably win as well… I would like to reduce the number of albums by doing two weeks on each spread but that seems pretty condensed….To be continued!

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