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  • Project Life 2018: Week 34

    Week 34 was a difficult week of transition and changes. My daughter started going to school and we had to adjust to a different schedule, different people, and different places. Everything was eventually fine, but that first week was TOUGH! I used mostly digital elements from Paislee Press to create these pages. I love how all […]

  • Project Life 2018: Week 25

    One of the (many) reasons I like working with digital supplies is the ability to re-color and customize the elements. I often do this to perfectly match other shades found in photos or already-printed, physical cards. For Week 25 in my pocket page album, I did exactly this.Here’s a look at the entire spread. Liz […]

  • Project Life 2018: Week 4

    Paislee Press just released a new digital kit called Messy Beautiful and I am slightly obsessed with the pretty color palette. There were also photo templates in this release which made it super fast to put together the spread for this week. Here’s how the entire spread turned out. There is a lot of white […]

  • Project Life 2018: Week 1

    I am excited to start a new Project Life album for 2018. Even though I have plenty of gaps in the previous year’s album, I’m not worried about it and I have no issue with starting with what’s current. I know I’ll get to them in time… I really love this time of year. The hope […]

  • 2018 Creative Goals

    2017 was a great year for me creatively. I was invited to work on my first creative team (Paislee Press), I made way more projects than I ever have in one year, and I saw my style evolve and grow into something I finally liked. I love the new year and goal-setting, and I’m excited […]

  • Paislee Press: Autumn Vibes

    I started documenting with pocket pages regularly sometime last year, but have wanted to go back and document 2015, the year my daughter was born. I’ve been completing a few weeks here and there, but find I can complete spreads much faster using digital supplies. When I saw the Autumn Vibes release from Paislee Press, I […]

  • Day In The Life: August 19, 2017

    I’m swimming in projects and I wanted a very fast and simple way to document the photos I captured for August’s Day In The Life. This is only my second time doing this project and I really loved taking photos every hour and writing a few words about what was going on. It will be […]

  • Project Life 2016: Week 33

    Even though I’m trying to stay current and keep up with my 2017 album, I’ve still got plenty of gaps in 2015 (!!) and 2016. I didn’t really start doing pocket page layouts until last year, even though I thought about them a lot since I became pregnant in late 2014. My goal is still to go back […]

  • Project Life 2017: Week 12

    I used the latest Memory Keeper collection from Paislee Press to create this week’s spread. I love the flexibility of digital elements. I can modify the items such as color or size to make them work for me. For example, the background (digital) paper used in the top 4×6 card with the two portraits of my daughter […]

  • Project Life 2017: Week 5

    I had skipped over this week because I didn’t have a lot of photos and the colors were all over the place. I finally decided to tackle it by changing the crazy color photos to black and white, and keeping to a mostly black and white color scheme. Sometimes it’s difficult to get the colors […]