Project Life 2018: Week 25

One of the (many) reasons I like working with digital supplies is the ability to re-color and customize the elements. I often do this to perfectly match other shades found in photos or already-printed, physical cards.

For Week 25 in my pocket page album, I did exactly this.

Here’s a look at the entire spread.

Liz Tamanaha (paislee press) just released some new 3×4 photo templates which I used in a few of the cards: (1) to create a small collage of my daughter’s obsession with some new pink cowboy boots, (2) to frame the photo of the street to a café I’ve been frequenting, and (3) to create another collage to hold 6 photos from a walk along the coastline. These will come in handy when you have too many photos and not enough pockets (me, all the time!).

After printing out the photos, I picked up on certain colors: the pink/coral of the restaurant my daughter and I ate at, the mustard in her sweater and dress in other photos, and the blue of the sea. I then found coordinating colored cards in my stash to fill in the empty spaces.

I chose some word phrases from different paislee press kits (say yes to, brightside) and then re-colored the background in Photoshop to match the colors from the cards. I paired some of these word strips with alphabet stickers from Kelly Purkey. I added a few wooden hearts from my stash to add a little texture and interest.

Simple and done!

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