Author: jenwong

  • Day In The Life: August 19, 2017

    I’m swimming in projects and I wanted a very fast and simple way to document the photos I captured for August’s Day In The Life. This is only my second time doing this project and I really loved taking photos every hour and writing a few words about what was going on. It will be […]

  • Project Life 2017: Week 23

    After a few weeks of not doing anything crafty, I was itching to sit back down at my desk and start again. I finished a pocket page spread that I had started before our vacation but didn’t get a chance to finish. The color scheme in this spread was inspired by an old sticker sheet […]

  • Project Life 2017: Week 25

    Today I’m sharing another week I completed last weekend during the baby’s nap time. I kept it pretty simple again to get it completed. Project Life to me at its core is really just photos + stories. I have to remind myself that, because sometimes I can get hung up on making things look perfect and pretty.Here’s a look […]

  • Project Life 2017: Week 24

    I’ve fallen behind a bit with Project Life while working on other things, but this weekend I managed to get a few spreads done by keeping them simple. I was inspired by Ali Edwards‘ recent use of sticking to a formula and used one she did a few weeks ago throughout this week’s spread. I […]

  • Day In The Life: June 20, 2017

    I’ve followed along during Day In The Life and Week In The Life previously, but have never done either project. It always looked fun but I’m usually already stretching myself thin across several projects. But when I thought about it this year, I kind of wished I had captured a typical day last year because I know life […]

  • Project Life 2016: Week 33

    Even though I’m trying to stay current and keep up with my 2017 album, I’ve still got plenty of gaps in 2015 (!!) and 2016. I didn’t really start doing pocket page layouts until last year, even though I thought about them a lot since I became pregnant in late 2014. My goal is still to go back […]

  • Project Life 2017: Week 22

    This week’s spread included the Memorial Day holiday. The group I swim with has a tradition of meeting at the sea to do a Memorial Swim in honor of those who have passed on. I haven’t been swimming much and heard the water temperature had dropped, so my daughter and I met our friends for […]

  • 2016 Summer Holidays in France Traveler’s Notebook (Part 1)

    I finally jumped on the Traveler’s Notebook bandwagon and have started a mini-album to document a trip we took to France last summer. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since this trip happened and since we’re going again this summer, I’m really trying to finish this up before we leave! I’ve finished about […]

  • Project Life 2017: Week 21

      I’ve been having so much fun stamping in the traveler’s notebook I’ve been working on that I went a little crazy going through various stamp sets to complete this week’s spread. I used stamps from at least nine different sets, which must be some kind of record for me!The cards are a mix of […]

  • Project Life 2017: Week 12

    I used the latest Memory Keeper collection from Paislee Press to create this week’s spread. I love the flexibility of digital elements. I can modify the items such as color or size to make them work for me. For example, the background (digital) paper used in the top 4×6 card with the two portraits of my daughter […]